Spider veins are red, violet or blue-colored thin veins. These veins give a very ugly and unpleasant look. Most of the women are affected by these veins and make them embarrassed in front of the people. These veins need to be removed at an early stage. However, the removal of spider veins is not an easy process. In the past, surgery was the only option for its treatment. But nowadays a lot more modern and latest treatment options are available.


The exact reasons and causes behind this disease are still not found. It can be genetic or due to some other changes in the body like hormonal changes of puberty. Obesity and excess sun exposure are also a major cause of spider vein disease.

Most of the time people get confused between spider veins and varicose veins. Varicose veins are more serious diseases. These are larger in size and cause swollen legs. But both the diseases are linked together. If you do not take proper treatment for spider veins then it is possible that you may suffer from varicose veins later on. For diagnosis and treatment visit the best vein doctor in San Diego.

Vein treatments are lengthy procedures. Initially, people suffering from spider veins prefer self-treatment than visiting an SD vein specialist. They use aspirin or ibuprofen for reducing the pain. And most of them wear compression stockings for improving the blood circulation. These treatments can reduce your suffering, but they can’t remove them. You need to take proper treatment from a vein specialist in SD.

There are a lot of successful treatment methods available in the medical market for the treatment of spider veins. The most common and successful treatment is Sclerotherapy. This method was invented in 1930. In this method, a sclerosant liquid is being injected in the affected veins. Due to this liquid, the veins get irritated and clump together and initiate a blood clot. After the blood clotting, the affected veins become scar tissues and fades away. The type of laser treatment depends on the type of your skin. Sclerotherapy is 80% to 90% of success rates in spider vein removal. It can take from weeks to months for the success of the treatment. Sclerotherapy doesn’t have any kind of side-effects. It only causes little bruising, little ulcers, or temporary pain. You can ask your vein specialist SD for the possible side effects of this treatment on your skin and body.

For the removal of spider veins from the face, laser treatment is the most common. There are various different laser treatments are used for spider vein removal from the face. Some of them are long-pulsed, pulsed dye, variable pulsed, etc. In these treatments the haemoglobin of the blood is being destroyed that kills the spider veins. Ask your vein doctor SD for the best suitable laser treatment for your skin.

Vein Treatment clinic provides various different vein treatments depending upon the skin type and the severity of your disease. We have specialists to treat all kinds of vein diseases. For more information, contact us directly through our official website

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