Varicose veins are very painful and discomforting. It causes embarrassment to most of the people especially women. It needs to be treated to avoid embarrassing feeling. There are a lot of minimally invasive treatments available. These treatments are very helpful and effective as compared to invasive surgical methods. The surgical procedures also require anesthesia and a long stay in the hospital. Refer to the best varicose vein doctor in San Diego and best spider vein specialist in San Diego for the best treatment of varicose veins and spider veins diseases respectively.


It is very important to discuss your symptoms and problems that you are facing with your best vein specialist in San Diego. He/she will guide you with the best suitable and required treatments available for your disease as per the severity of your disease. A lot of conservative options are also available in the medical market to reduce the effect of your disease. Consult a spider vein specialist in San Diego to get the suitable treatment for your disease at the initial stage. Some of the conservative methods include compression stockings, regular walking, swimming, exercising, proper diet, losing weight, avoid sitting and standing for long hours, etc. These methods will not eliminate your disease but it can reduce the effect of your diseases. To completely eliminate these diseases, you need to take other treatment options as referred by your spider vein specialist San Diego.

Many times these conservative methods do not solve your problem. For further treatment, the vein specialist will suggest for minimally invasive procedures like foam sclerotherapy. In this procedure, a foam sclerosant is injected inside the affected vein. This sclerosant liquid will irritate the vessel and cause the vein to shrink. After shrinking the vein gets collapse. After a few days of successful completion of the procedure, the veins get fades away.

Another minimally invasive method is Endovenous laser ablation. In this method, a laser fiber is inserted in the affected vein. The fiber then heats up and destroys the affected vein. The vein gets shrieked and collapses. This will also eliminate the affected veins and its symptoms.

Patients are allowed to walk just after the completion of these methods. This will also encourage the flow of blood. A few recovery instructions and precautions are also given to the patients by the vein doctor. Most of the people are allowed to work and perform their regular activities within a few days. And some of them are allowed to continue with their work and other daily activities immediately after the treatment procedure.

The most beneficial thing about minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments is that these don’t have any severe side effects. The possible side-effects of foam sclerotherapy treatment include micro embolisms at the treated area. However, the side-effects of Endovenous treatment are deep vein thrombosis, tingling, phlebitis, or numbness at the treated area. Risk and complications are very less in these treatment procedures as compared to other more invasive treatment procedures.

Vein Treatment Clinic provides all kinds of treatment procedures for vein treatment. For more details, visit our website veintreatmentclinic.com.

Article Source : https://havingpainfulvaricose.cabanova.com/

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